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Cam Drawing at a show
Cam Drawing at an art show

My artistic abilities have been forming continually since I was two, or three years old and my talent has always been encouraged by my family.  Both my Mother, and Grandmother are (and were respectively) talented artists, and did some drawing but placed more emphasis on painting in acrylics, oils, and watercolor mediums.  I was blessed to have had the opportunity to have learned so much about art at an early age from them.  By age seven, I had already expanded my drawing ability to the point where I was drawing in three dimensions and learned a great deal of perspective drawing skills.  A short time later, my grandmother gave me lessons on shading and conveying the effects of light and shadow in my drawings.

I continued to develop my skills and as a young student, my artwork began to appear in local library exhibits along with the work of other young artists.  In 1988 and 1989 I won blue ribbon awards in the BOSTON GLOBE SCHOLASTIC ART COMPETITION and in 1990 I won a blue ribbon and was a gold key finalist with my drawing "HOUSE AT TEN WOODMAN STREET".

After graduating from Concord High School in 1990, I studied Commercial Design and Illustration at the New Hampshire Technical College in Manchester, New Hampshire between 1990 and 1992.  In 1996 I began to focus on railroad themed artwork, as I have always had a passion for trains.  After finishing several original pencil drawings of railroad subjects, I had lithograph prints of them made and began selling them at model railroad shows.  I have traveled to various model railroad shows in the northern New England area since then, and continue to share my artwork in original and in printed forms with a continuous audience of railroad enthusiasts.

In 2002, my art work was featured in an exhibit along with other artists and photographers, “Art of the river, Art of the rails” at the railroad station in White River Junction, VT.  The following year I was a featured artist at the Trainside Gallery in Haverhill, Massachusetts during the months of November and December.  In 2005, I participated in a joint exhibit with other artists for “Portraits of Railroading” in Altoona, PA.  In June of 2006 I was featured on the television program “NEW HAMPSHIRE CHRONICLES” on WMURTV and I have included a video clip of this program here on my website.

My two favorite mediums are pencil drawing and oil painting, although I am exploring some other mediums to work in as well.  My artwork continues to evolve, and I try to work in different subjects and as new ideas come, I will feature them here. 

Cam Sargent Featured Pictures Cam Sargent Featured Pictures

1958 Belvedere Belvedere Reflection House Near School Trains in Station

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