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House  at 10 Woodman Street
House at 10 Woodman Street

By the time that I was in my senior year at CHS, I had taken every art course that they could throw at me. I decided to take an "audited" art course on my own with Judy Marz as my instructor. Basically I came in first period to art class and did this assignment. Judy wanted me to draw what I saw out of the art room window. This is what I saw, I started it in early September, but because I only had first period everyday to work on it, it took me until the end of the semester before I finished it. By that time, it was deep winter, and I ended up improvising what was left so that the whole drawing looked like September. I entered it into the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards in 1990 and won a finalist position with it. Principal Foley personally came to shake my hand in congratulations. I still have the drawing today.

The print is 18" x 24" made from an original pencil drawing
Price: $20

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