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Lady in  red
Lady in red

I did this 11" X 14" drawing in Berol Prismacolor colored pencils in 1994. I wanted to branch out of doing so many automotive and railroad subjects and do some figure drawing to further my artistic development. I wanted to do a figure drawing that I could display without too much embarassment. I also wanted a theme of two color complimentaries, in this case bright green, and bright red. I drew this woman from my own imagination, designed her outfit, and put her in a green park scene. It wasn't bad for my abilities then, but I feel that I could do much better now.

Portrait of Melody

Portrait of Melody

I did this drawing in a stabilo pencil (watercolor pencil) medium as a class assignment in early 1992. This is a portrait of my friend, Melody Starr Derosia Waters (born August 29, 1971, died January 11, 1991). She was murdered by her boyfriend Shayne Pitts who recently tried to appeal his sentence for the crime, and was denied by the State. A year after she died, I decided to do her portrait and I still have it today.

Halloween Party
Halloween party

I did this 11" X 14" drawing as a continuation of the Lady in red drawing. Again, I used Berol prismacolor colored pencils and I went with a color complimentary theme, blue\orange, green\red, and purple\yellow. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I finished this drawing just before Halloween '94. I drew the women largely from my imagination, and I designed their costumes as well. It was from this drawing that my Halloween costume business developed. I brought the drawing into work after it was finished and a co-worker told me, "you should design your own Halloween costumes!" Hmmm, not a bad idea

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